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Leisure - Water Slides

Melia, Smith & Jones have been working in various areas of the Leisure sector since the start of the partnership. We have worked with major Leisure Clients and Architects as well as Manufacturers and Contractors throughout the UK and overseas. A early specialism in Water Parks has lead to ongoing relationships with some of the major Water Slide companies in Europe and North America with hundreds of successful projects completed all over the world.

Jurmala, Latvia

Jurmala Water Park, Latvia

An all weather facility with 9 slides. This is a typical example of the type of water slide projects we have been involved with in many countries around the world.

Aquaparc Valais

Aquaparc Valais, Switzerland

An all weather facility with 7 major slides and 4 small slides. This is a complex arrangement of slides and supports where 3D visualization is essential during the design phase.

Calypso Cove, Barnsley

Calypso Cove, Barnsley

An indoor attraction constructed within an existing leisure centre. The slides are largely supported from the roof structure on a combination of hanging posts and tie wires.

Water Coasters

Water Coasters, Various

These differ from traditional water slides in that they are a 'dry' leisure installation ridden in boats. They are popular at theme parks and we have completed many successful projects in the UK and around the world.

Open Air Water Parks

Open Air Water Parks - Worldwide, Various

The main stay of the water slide industry. We have been working on water parks since our formation and have completed many successful projects all over the world.

White Oak Centre

White Oak Centre, Swanley, Kent

This is a typical twin water slide installation in the UK. Added to an existing leisure centre to enhance the facilities.

Kettering Leisure Village

Kettering Leisure Village, Kettering

This is a typical internal twin slide installation incorporated within the original construction of the leisure centre.