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Specialist Structures - Engineered Solutions

Melia, Smith & Jones have worked on various structures requiring specialist structural advice. These have been varied in their nature and have posed some interesting engineering issues which MSJ have addressed with innovative engineering solutions.

Many specialist projects have involved complex geometry and more bespoke engineered solutions.

CoVE Grimsby

CoVE Gas Training Centre, Grimsby

A vocational teaching facility to expand the existing workshop and office space by building over and not loading the existing buildings.

Light Rapid Transit System

Light Rapid Transit System, Singapore

Wescol Structures were commissioned by Gammon PTE to fabricate and install 16 km of guide beam for the Bukit Panjang Light Rapid Transit System. On behalf of Wescol, MSJ calculated the complex geometric shape and detailed each individual member for bending and fabrication.


"Transperience", Bradford

"Transperience" is a hands on themed exhibition centre of transport through the ages. The project includes a 9000 sq ft Visitors Centre and a 28000 sq ft Main Exhibition Building.

Antenna Tower

Antenna Tower

The client specified strict limitations on the elastic deformations of the support structure under operational loadings due to the critical targeting accuracy of the antenna dish. This necessitated a finite element analysis on the whole of the structure.

Millennium Cross

Millennium Cross, Westminster Cathedral

The Millennium Cross is a unique structure marking the start of the third millennium and the death of the Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Basil Hume.